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The Iro Maru was a 145ft long Japanese vessel supporting invertebrates, hard and soft corals and plenty of fish.

Name Dive Site:Iro Maru
Depth: 68-118ft (21-36m)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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The Iro Maru is a Japanese Navy Fleet oiler, one of its old-fashioned fleet supply vessels. It was damaged by a United States Submarine torpedo attack on its way to Palau. The bow displays a large crescent where the torpedo hit. It was sunk on March 31, 1944 during Operation Desecrate One, when downed by an aerial bomb, damaging the aft section.

Interesting parts of the wreck include its Oil drums and Machinery found in the holds and 2x 80mm HA guns on the platforms on the bow and stern. Batfish, Tomato Clownfish, Crocodile fish, Lion fish, 6-banded Angelfish, big-eye Trevallies, schooling Yellowtail Fusiliers. Fully encrusted with a variety of hard corals, including Black Coral, Sponges, Sea whips, Staghorn, clams and oysters.

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