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Koror Island and the famous Rock Islands are Palau's most visited dive locations coming from bounty like tropical postcards.

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Koror, Palau's former capital (new one is Melekeok on eastern Babelthuap), lives off tourism with resorts, restaurants, tour agencies and dive shops to be found all across the island. Koror is connected with the state Airai to the north where most tourists will start their adventure as it is the location of Palau's International Airport. Babelthuap or Babeldaob, a large remote mountainous island, is covered in dense vegetation and a top destination for hikers and bird enthusiasts. It includes Malakal Island, Ngerekebesang Island, Ngiwal, Ngaraard, mangrove trees in the west and in white sand covered beaches in the east. Dolphins Pacific is a dolphin research facility where visitors can make themselves familiar with approaching, snorkeling and diving with these magnificent creatures. Today, after the devastations of WWII, tourism is increasingly important again and with almost 15.000 permanent inhabitants it is the largest city in Micronesia.

The famous Rock Islands, in the form of mushroom shaped islets, provide for excellent white beaches, brilliant blue lagoons and are very popular for swimming, picnics, kayaking and other water or relax activities. There even is a speedboat shuttle service that brings visitors to a kayak site from where you can explore the best of these limestone beauties. Since Koror has ever been the main harbor, you can find on top of its already stunning underwater world, many historic ship and airplane wrecks.

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