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Micronesia contains many atolls and small islands in the Pacific Ocean with top diving and spectacular WWII wrecks.

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Grotto, Saipan Grotto:
One of the top caves in the world is the Grotto, a huge cavern with several different exit holes.
- Naftan Point
- Coral Gardens
Miil Channel:
Miil Channel is the most famous channel for spotting manta rays in exhilarating drift and wall dives.
- Main Channel
- Purple Haze
Valley of the Rays:
Valley Of The Rays, also known by its Yapese name, Goofnuw (pronounced Golfnuw) Channel, is the summer home of the manta...
Blue Hole:
This easy dive consists of a natural hole in the large inner reef flat. The hole's edges drop off vertically in some...
Rota, the southernmost islands of the Marianas, is known for its superb scuba diving.
- Tinian
- Wake Island
as if your swimming in the world of Ariel and a nice site to take a lunch-break!...
Blue Hole:
The Blue Hole is a seventy foot deep hole carved out of the reef popular for snorkeling and diving among small fish.
- Eagle Ray Wall
- Walung Coral Shelf
Kawanishi H8K Emily B-29:
Diving at the B-29 Kawanishi H8K or Emily as the Allied called it.
- Goat Island, Aguigan
Hiroshi Point:
It is a popular shore entry with a high tide and low surf. Great for snorkeling, too. Current is variable and generally ...

Officially, the Federation States of Micronesia, include Yap, Chuuk State, Kosrae and Pohnpei. But many people see Micronesia as a larger area and include United States territory such as Guam, but also independent states such as Palau and smaller island chains such as the Marshall Islands. The Mariana Islands, Kiribati, Wake Island and even the Caroline Islands are included in this dive section since we think they belong to one another.

Micronesia has always been of strategic importance for control in the Pacific Ocean. The Spanish ruled here in the 17th century until the end of the Spanish American war when Germany bought most islands from Spain. In WWI the Japanese destroyed the Germans, until they were finally destroyed by the Americans at the end of WWII. It has been quiet ever since with tourism becoming more and more popular. Micronesia includes thousands of small islands, atolls and millions of square miles of warm tropical oceanic waters. Most are ringed with the best coral reefs on the planet, offering superb diving and its rich war history provides many historic shipwrecks and planes to dive on. Its underwater diversity is enormous with deep channels, steep walls, shallow lagoons, wrecks of all sorts, and an extremely rich marine habitat.

Whether you visit the phenomenal World War II wrecks in Apra Harbor (Guam), Bikini Atoll (Marshall Islands) or in Truk Lagoon (Chuuk State), the spectacular drop-offs and world renowned marine life in Ngemelis (Palau) or more remote diving in Rota, Saipan and Tinian (Marianas); you will be blown away with its colorful, diverse and rich underwater world, both in fish species as hard and soft corals. It is paradise as you have ever imagined it.