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The outer barrier reefs of Chuuk Lagoon are sparsely visited and offer wicked and crowded coral reef diving.

Name Dive Site:Outer Barrier Reefs
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There is one huge almost circular outer barrier reef of more than 140 miles long that encompasses all islands. These outer barrier reefs of Chuuk Lagoon offer excellent dive sites of which many haven't been explored yet. Coral heads pop up as far as your eyes can see until the reef finally drops down into the abyss. There are six deeper passes which are used by ships to enter and exit Chuuk Lagoon, but these also offer wicked fast flowing drift dives, often with pelagic, mantas and sharks. The nutrient rich passes are named North Pass, Northeast Pass, Uligar Pass, Otta Pass, South Pass and Pianu Pass. Kuop Atoll is another far smaller atoll just south of the huge circular barrier reef of Chuuk.

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