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The O'Keefe's Island shipwreck is believed to be from the well known seafarer and adventurist David O'Keefe.

Name Dive Site:O'Keefe's Island Shipwreck
Depth: 59-68ft (18-21m)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Near O'Keefe's Island, in front of Yap's capital Colonia, you can dive at an ancient wooden shipwreck. It is thought to be the wreck of the famous David O'Keefe. This 170ft large sailing ship sits on the bottom in 70ft of water and still has its rudder intact.

The Irish-American adventurer David O'Keefe left Savannah, Georgia to finally arrive in Yap, Micronesia in 1872. Captain David O'Keefe received wealth, power and fame when he transported stone money throughout Micronesia and received copra for it which he sold on the markets of Hongkong. This Pacific legend was one of the more influent seafarers for more than 30 years. He disappeared on one of his return trips from Hongkong and many believe this wooden wreck to be his resting place. Today, the historic O'Keefe's Kanteen is still on the same location as where he opened it around 1874. Remains of its home on the little island of Tarang are also still visible.

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