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Tonoas and Eten is where the Japanese were most active and where most wrecks are located.

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Tonoas, called Dublon Island by the Spanish, was the Japanese headquarters and is where most ship and air wrecks are located today. There are ruins of Japanese strongholds, a walking track surrounding the islands and a phenomenal cave system which once held hundreds of Japanese supplying trucks. You can also visit General's Cave, once holding the largest collection of bombs. Just south of Tonoas is Eten, a small island which northern part was used as the largest runway in Chuuk. Its coastline was manually enforced to make the runway suitable for all types of plane, even bombers could land here.

Nowadays, the runway is completely overgrown and Eten is mainly used as a in between dive stop. There is a great zero fighter in the north of Eten, which makes for perfect snorkeling, an execellent lunch stop and a fine surface interval. Some wrecks are deep and surface intervals of up to five hour are sometimes necessary. Popular wrecks include the Aikoku Maru, a huge freighter and passenger liner, but only suitable for very advanced dives since it is situated in waters below 40 meters. The Fujikawa Maru is a must dive; shallow, well adorned in soft corals and holding war material including zero fighter wings, ammunition and artillery shells.

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