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Chuuk State encompasses several mangrove fringed island and atolls with a very long barrier reef circling around it.

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Chuuk State, Truk Lagoon or Chuuk Lagoon is one of the world's best and prettiest dive destinations. Part of the Caroline Islands, it consists out of mangrove-fringed islands and atolls. The main islands are Weno, Tonoas, Eten, Fefan, Uman, Udot and Tol. Smaller islands include Fanapanges, Eot, Param, Totiu, Siis and Eten. You can find unexplored reefs, inner lagoons, brilliant drop-offs and coral pinnacles as far as your eyes can see. It has also been heavily battled during WWII and many wrecks of different sizes and origin can be explored. Truk lagoon is one of the world largest enclosed lagoons (40 miles in diameter) with many deep wrecks that have been covered in corals beyond imagination. This lagoon is

Most ships and aircrafts wrecked in the American attack on Chuuk during World War II. The Japanese used Chuuk State as their base and were bombed by the Americans for over two days. Nowadays Chuuk State holds the record of largest collection of WWII wrecks in one place. Inside its lagoon, known as Truk Lagoon which encompasses a huge area around the eastern side of Chuuk State, you can dive on many historic wrecks. You can find battleships, patrol boats, fuel tankers, Betty bombers, tanks, cargo ships, landing crafts, air fighters, submarines, Japanese Zeros, torpedo boats, gunboats and mine sweepers. This underwater area has been declared an underwater museum where artifact collection is strictly prohibited. Chuuk State is often visited by advanced wreck divers, but don't forget that those without deep and wreck training can make phenomenal dives as well. Many wrecks can be dived by novice divers and some even by snorkelers. Besides that, don't forget that Chuuk also has one of the best coral reefs in the world with plenty of marine life; so it is not only wrecks that make your day here. Other popular attractions are fishing trips, beaching, kayaking, snorkeling and planned camping on some secluded islands.

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