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The Valley of the Rays or Goofnuw Channel is another popular channel, mainly in summer, for manta rays.

Name Dive Site:Valley of the Rays
Depth: 19-59ft (6-18m)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Between June and October Mantas are likely to be seen in 'The Valley of the Rays' also known by its Yapese name Goofnuw Channel. There are two cleaning stations in the Channel. The first station has a mound that rises to about 40'. Currents flow over the mound and surrounding coral heads providing a good feeding spot for the Mantas. A little further down the channel there is another cleaning station about 35' where a white sandy bottom makes for excellent photography.

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Name: beyond_the_reef

Valley Of The Rays, also known by its Yapese name, Goofnuw (pronounced Golfnuw) Channel, is the summer home of the mantas. From May to November, divers enjoy the mantas at three different cleaning stations in this channel. Boat rides are about twenty-five minutes through the shallow lagoon. Slight to strong currents, depending on tidal conditions and wave action outside the reef.

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