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The Helmet Wreck, Depth Charge Wreck or X1 is named after the many helmets, masks and depth charges found in its holds.

Name Dive Site:Helmet Wreck, Depth Charge Wreck, X1
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The Helmet Wreck was a small old-fashioned coaster. Other names it is known by are the Depth Charge Wreck or X1. Officially it does not have a documented name. It is thought that the Japanese confiscated the ship in Southeast Asia. To sink, it took seven 500 lb bombs and 4 rockets during the Desecrate One Operation. It final blow was a torpedo hit to aft stern.

The stern holds helmets, gas mask, belts and shoes. The bow holds 3 radial engines for Zeke fighters, electrical wires, brass lanterns, medicine bottles, Kirin bottles and ceramic Sake bottles. Depth charges, carbine rifles, machine guns and ammunition stacks were found in the stern hold. There is a collapsed gun mount on the stern and two depth charge release boxes located on each side of the stern platform; their lethal charges are still inside. Marine species include cleaner shrimp, charlotte shrimp, banded pipefish, lion fish and a variety of small reef fish. Rich coral formations of Staghorn, Brain and Lettuce corals surround ship.

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