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This area is one of the most popular diving areas in Palau with spectacular walls and exciting aquatic life.

Name Dive Site:Blue Holes
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The Blue Holes are four vertical shafts that open on top of the reef into a large cavern with an exit on the outer reef wall. It is common on an outgoing tide to dive through the Blue Holes and continue on to Blue Corner. The cavern and holes were formed by fresh water erosion millions of years ago, when water levels were much lower than they are today.

Tubastrea, Wire & Black coral adorn the Blue Hole walls. White Tip Reef sharks and Leopard sharks can be seen sleeping on the sandy bottom of the cave, or just outside the exit. Special critters inside are the Flaming Scallop, Leafy Scorpion fish, Dart fish, Nudibranchs & Cleaner shrimp. Wahoos, Barracudas, Dog-tooth Tuna, White tips and Grey Reef sharks patrol the exit.

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