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In Tinian, you will find extremely rich coral formation and some World War II wrecks enriching its already stunning underwater environment.

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Tinian is a much less developed island than northern Saipan but with some stunning scenery and historic sites. Most inhabitants live in San Jose, in the southwest of the island, which is also the base to visit neighboring Aguijan Island. In the north of Tinian you can find several structures remaining from WWII such as the Atomic Bomb Pits and an airfield. These airstrips were used by American B-29s as their start off point for their flight to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. There is also a cave which houses remains of tanks, cannons and other stuff used during the war. Be careful as it is still likely to find shells and other war relics, also while scuba diving.

Other natural sights are some excellent blowholes in the north, the sheer cliffs at Puntan Sabaneta and summit views from the top of Mount Lasso. Puntan Carolinas is with 583 feet above sea level Tinian's highest point offering spectacular views. Its cliffs are brilliant and steep. One is even named Laderan Banadero or Suicide Cliff so be careful there. The Tinian Harbor is home to the House of Taga, a selection of huge stone blocks set in a particularly form. On Tinian you can find the Tinian Dynasty Hotel which has the only Casino in the Marianas. Beaches are plentiful around the island with beauties such as Kammer Beach, Invasion Beach, Taga Beach, Tachogna Beach and Long Beach. Dive sites around Tinian are mainly coral, wall and cave dives. All in blue waters, on top of bright white sand and with an overwhelming amount of aquatic life.

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