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Rota, the southernmost islands of the Marianas, is known for its superb scuba diving.

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Rota is the most southern island of the Marianas set among one of the prettiest surroundings in the world. There are excellent hotels and although life is slow, you will be able to find some nice seafood restaurants. The peninsula south of the main village Songsong, is called Tweksberry and is a great place to wander around enjoying its spectacular views. It is a park surrounding mount Taipingot or Wedding Cake Mountain. Teneto village is another small place with excellent views on popular Sasanhaya Bay.

With 1600ft is mount Sabana the highest spot on Rota located on the Sabana plateau. Other natural highlights are its stunning steep limestone cliffs, the Taisacana's Botanical & Nature Trail, the great Sagua'gaga Seabird Sanctuary and the dark tunnels of the Tonga Cave. There are also some excellent hikes where you can enjoy its brilliant flora and fauna, many of which are endemic. The fresh Agusan Swimming Hole is found on the northwest of the island, while archeological carvings of the indigenous Chamorros can be found at the Taga Stone Quarry. Remains of World War II are scattered around the island; two Japanese cannons, an old Japanese locomotive and a Peace Memorial. Pinatang Park, located near Songsong Village, offers a great water park connected with the ocean and also offering some excellent dives such as Mushroom City. For white beaches you should visit its northern shores and take a dip in the refreshing ocean at Tatachog Beach, Guata Beach, Teteto Beach and Mochong Beach. Wherever you go, tranquil Rota has some excellent scuba diving and is a great place to relax and enjoy its paradise.

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