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The Raizan Maru sank with a full load of nickel ore and iron which has been salvaged.

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The Raizan Maru was a Japanese medium sized cargo Freighter, built in 1943. She was attacked by a Bunker Hill SBD, a navy single-engine dive bomber, on 30 March, 1944. It was heavily damaged with its fore ship separated by approximately 30 yards from the rest of the vessel. Its bow lays blown apart and there is slight damage to the No. 2 hold. There is also significant damage to engine room from bombing and salvage attempts. Its cargo of 2,500 tons of nickel ore and scrap iron was recovered. It is stripped of all its upper superstructure, deck and hull. However, there are some loose coils of cable strewn about the aft of amid ship. Marine life includes Octopus, damsels, blue green chromis and many varieties of invertebrates. Platter, brain, sponge and soft corals are common on the wreck.

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