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Devil Fish City offers divers an excellent view at mantas being cleaned from parasites in one of its cleaning stations.

Name Dive Site:Devil Fish City
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Devil Fish City is famous for its Manta Rays, generally between January and April. There are 3 cleaning stations best visited during slack high tide or incoming tide. Channel sides lined with massive fields of sea whips, sea fans, soft corals, and large stands of evergreen Tubastrea corals. Highlights at Devilfish City are cleaning stations where Manta rays hover while cleaner wrasse and Butterfly fish rid them of parasitic isopods living in and around their mouth, gills and belly. Coral heads are adorned with hundreds of copper sweeper baitfish. Rainbow Runners, Reef sharks, Bumphead Parrotfish, black Snapper, black-bar Barracudas, Unicorn fish, striped Skipjacks, Fusiliers, Crocodile fish, Nudibranchs, Leafy Scorpion fish.

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