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Pohnpei is with its steep peaks, dense green rainforest, mangrove swamps, wicked rivers and waterfalls one of the most beautiful islands of Micronesia.

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Pohnpei is almost circular and the largest island of the Federated States of Micronesia in between Chuuk Lagoon and Kosrae. Palikir is the capital and with a few peaks towering higher than 2000ft it is also the tallest island in Micronesia. Besides some phenomenal scuba diving and snorkeling, you can also make excellent hikes into its lush rainforest, dip into its tranquil fresh water pools or visit one of its waterfalls and streams. Its abundance of rain has nicknamed it Garden Island because of its many green inland vegetation. Its flora and fauna are astonishing with even deer living on the island.

Nan Madol, nicknamed the Venice of the Pacific, is an archeological manmade city built around 750AD on a few islets on the southeast side of Pohnpei. Basalt pillars and huge stone logs were brought to the islands to create royal houses, stone towers, canals and bridges for a once thriving civilization. Famous are the local's dances and the magic drink sakau brewed from the roots of the pepper plant. Other highlights are the 800ft high Sokehs Rock, German Bell Tower, the Liduduhiap twin waterfalls, Keprohi Waterfall, Lehn Paipohn Waterfall and several Japanese tanks and shrines. A Kolonia Historical walking Tour with remains of the Spanish Wall is also highly recommended.

Pohnpei is encircled with a barrier reef with many openings creating deep fast flowing channels that bring healthy nutrient rich waters. Mangrove swamps close to shore and bright blue intertidal lagoons only add up to this already stunning diversity. There are 25 smaller widely scattered coral atolls surrounding Pohnpei. To the west of Pohnpei you will find Ahnd Atoll (Ant) and Pakein Atoll (Pekin) both pretty large and offering dive sites bright, colorful and rich as you have never seen them before.

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