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The Faichuk Islands, in the west of Truk Lagoon, offer plenty of war wrecks and reefs yet to be discovered.

Name Dive Site:Faichuk Islands
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Tol is the largest most western island of Chuuk State, part of the Faichuk Islands. It is sparsely inhabited and not often visited by divers and other tourists. It is one of the places largely unexplored with a lot of potential. There are many footpath and structural ruins reminding of its once Japanese occupation. The Japanese even created a canal between Tol Harbor in the east and Lemetol Bay in the west. Don't miss its stunning views on Mount Winipot, the highest spot on Tol Island.

Param, Totiu, Oan, Eot and Udot are the other small islands just to the west of Fefan and Sisi. They are quiet and remote but all offer excellent dive sites. One of the US airstrikes bombed all planes waiting for takeoff on a runway on Param. After the Americans controlled Chuuk State, they bulldozed all wrecks into the ocean which creates a huge graveyard of air wrecks. Unfortunately, many wrecks reach the surface and have many loose metal parts which can make nasty cuts if you try to snorkel here. Some of the more popular are the Fumitzuki Destroyer and the Shinkoku Maru, a huge 500ft long freighter full of artifacts and a phenomenal fish life. Another famous diving wreck is that of the Hanakawa Maru in between Tol and Fanapanges. It is a huge in sea fans and soft corals covered freighter which was off limit for divers for almost 50 year because of toxic leaking from its holds. Marine life and coral formations haven't been influenced by divers at all since its sinking, creating one of the most stunning wrecks in Chuuk State.

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