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The Chuyo Maru is a very nice Japanese coastal freighter full of fish which sank on April 1, 1944.

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The Chuyo Maru is a Japanese medium sized coastal freighter. It was bombed during Operation Desecrate One on March 31, 1944. Desecrated One was one of the ops to prepare for the Allied invasion of West New Guinea commonly known as Operations Reckless and Persecution between 21 and 27 April 1944. The first hit was on the port side amidships by a 500 lb bomb. After another two bombs, she sank on April 1.

Underwater sights include remains of the brass compass and ship's telegraph in the bridge. There are two anchors on the port side of the deck. All holds on this upright ship are empty. Stern gun: standard short barrel, 12cm, 1.86-ton maximum range of 17,388 feet. There are also 4 ammunition boxes and 2 depth charge launchers both containing a depth charge. In the 1990s a fishing boat snagged the Chuyo anchor. Its anchor broke trying to lift both anchors.

Heavy black coral, cock's comb oysters and soft coral growth line the rails and deck. There are large number of translucent shrimps & Lion fish. Banded Pipefish, Shrimp, Tomato Anemone fish and Tridacna clams, Stone fish and Yellow Ribbon eel on fore & aft mast.

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