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The most visited island of Micronesia is Guam with a lot of dive-able shipwrecks and plane remnants from WWII.

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Guam is with 30 miles long and less than 9 miles wide, the largest and most touristic islands of Micronesia. Since the end of WWII, when the American reclaimed Guam and many other islands throughout Micronesia from the Japanese, Guam has been mainly reined by the Americans. The United States military used it as a refueling station and is still prominent with many military bases and military personnel. Some of the dive sites can only be reached by crossing a military base. Guam is very popular by Americans and Japanese tourists with luxury hotels and massive resorts popping up around Tumon Bay, Agana and Agat. Especially compared to other Micronesian destinations, Guam is crowded and fast. Its climate is tropical and hot, with a mild rainy typhoon season between September and December. Although the western side of Guam is mostly calm and flat throughout the year, the eastern windward side can only be dived in the summer months.

The capital Agana (Hagatna in Chamorro meaning 'His or her blood') is a great place to be, with the historic cathedral Dulce Nombre de Maria, excellent green parks such as Chief Quipuha Park and the Latte Stone Park, the clear Plaza de Espana and many colonial architecture. There are world class golf courses, spectacular jungle hikes towards Mt Alifan, Mt Lamla and Mt Jumullong Manglo and enough water activities just offshore its miles and miles of stunning beaches. Sea kayaking, wind surfing, jet skiing, snorkeling and diving are the main highlights in Guam. There are many statues, forts and religious shrines left from the Chamorro, Spanish, Japanese and Americans. If you have extra time, we suggest visiting Ypao Beach Park and the War in the Pacific National Historic Park. You can find canons, tunnels, caves, cemeteries, historic landmarks and towers of which the Merizo Bell Tower is the most famous. If you are interested in picturesque villages, native Chamorro culture or pretty green hilly landscape you should book a tour to the southern side of Guam. The north is hilly as well but with high cliffs falling down in the ocean. Its western shores are lines with long white beaches and clean blue oceanic waters.

Guam is well catered for diving tourism. There are plenty of dive shops, with good reliable equipment rentals, adequate boats and plenty of dive sites to visit. Dive instructors are well trained and boats are not overly cramped. Some of the more popular areas for diving are inside Apra Harbor, Agat Bay and around Cocos Island. The Blue Hole is a brilliant tunnel next to a submerged wall and probably one of the top dives in Guam. World War II wrecks such as the SMS Cormoran and Tokai Maru are must sees in Apra Harbor. Piti Bomb Holes has become one of the most popular attractions, as well for diving as non-diving tourists, since it is an underwater observatory for marine life living in a sinkhole. Guam is without doubt one of the top diving destinations in the world.

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