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The Chandelier Cave is a set of five chambers named after the stalactites that resemble some of the best chandeliers.

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The Cave system of Chandelier Cave is made up of five separate, connecting chambers with air pockets (4 are water-filled). Over the millenniums rainwater, percolating down through the limestone, eroded the interior of the islands forming vast cave systems. Chandelier Cave was once an open-air cave. The stalactites and stalagmites slowly grew into formations resembling glittering chandeliers. After the last ice age the water level slowly rose, completely concealing the cave's entrance. 3 depth charges from WWII can be found to the left of the entrance. There is a wicked halocline inside the cave (mixing of salt & freshwater or sediment creating a layered effect).

Soldier fish and Cardinal fish inside the cave. Small shrimp and crabs that cling to the sponges found along the walls. The elusive Mandarin Fish & other small reef fish around the cave entrance.

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