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Mili Atoll is one of the rare visited outer Marshall Islands and offers pristine discovery diving.

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Mili Atoll is one of the less visited coral atolls in the Marshall Islands, located just southeast of Majuro and Arno Atoll. Popular islands at this largely undeveloped outer atoll are Mili Island, Bogukarikku Island and Wau Island. During WWII, Mili Island was heavily fortified by the Japanese. When the Americans came, they transformed Mili into a crater like landscape, dropping bombs on Mili and wiping out its Japanese resistance. The small private island resort at Wau Island is also the home of a giant clam farm breeding these phenomenal creatures for the aquarium market. Since scuba divers are still a rare sight here, its underwater world is virgin offering some of the best and healthiest dive spots in the world.


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