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The German Wall and Channel was blasted by the Germans to create a better sea shipping lane between the inner lagoon and the ocean.

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During the German occupation of Palau, Guano (phosphate) was mined on the southern island of Angaur. In order to bring the Guano to town, the Germans blasted and dredged a channel, which connects the inner lagoon with the open ocean. The outside mouth is dived on the incoming tide, when the nutrient & plankton rich current will flow into the inner lagoon. This dive spot is named German Wall or German Channel and is known for Manta Rays, schooling sharks & an abundance of tropical fish.

Schooling Jacks, Barracudas, Trevally & Snappers. Cuttlefish & Black Tip reef sharks can be found in the shallows. Sandy bottom is home to Garden eels & blind Gobies. Mantas can usually be seen feeding on plankton at the mouth of the channel. Both Mantas & Reef sharks are known to get cleaned by cleaner wrasse & Butterfly fish at the cleaning stations in the late afternoon. Mantas will approach a cleaning station a couple of times before they hover over the station to get cleaned.

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