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Ngemelis Wall, often confused with the Big Drop-off, is a wicked deep wall situated near the shore of Ngemelis Island.

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The Big Drop-off, Ngemelis Corner and Ngmelis Wall are sheer vertical walls, running along the whole length of Ngemelis Island, in some places only a few feet away from the island. The edge of the reef drops straight down to 900 feet. One of Jacques Cousteau's favorite wall dives. Close to the mooring buoy, a large chain connected to a 6 foot steel sphere can be seen. This chain and ball was used during WWII to prevent the Japanese from entering the waterway leading to German Channel.

Gorgeous Soft corals, Leather Corals & Fans, Schools of Pyramid Butterfly fish & Square Spot Anthias forage for Plankton just off the wall. Moorish Idols, Sergeant Major's, Yellowtail Fusiliers & a variety of Angel fish are found along the edge of the reef. Gray Reef, White Tip, and solitary Leopard sharks patrolling back and forth along the drop off. White Tip Sharks, Nurse sharks & Leopard sharks can be seem sleeping on the sandy bottom. The very well camouflaged Leaf fish, Stonefish & Lionfish. Green & Hawksbill Turtles. Anemones & all many colorful reef fish on the reef top.

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